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Back up power challenges in confined spaces

We all know the 3 key words to a successful operation in the world of brick and mortar commercial real estate...location, location, location. To get the ideal location, an affordable space may not leave you with a great deal of spare acreage. Should your operations require the need for backup power generation things could tricky on where you can place a traditional engine powered standby generator. Issues such as noise and exhaust fumes can become problematic when an unit like this can only be placed close to staff or neighbors.

These type of situations are what would make a hydrogen fuel cell generator an ideal option. A fuel cell operates silently with no mechanical noise. Hydrocarbon emissions from an internal combustion engine, if not properly directed, could cause people to feel sick, dizzy or develop headaches not to mention they are not doing our atmosphere any favors. Fuel cells only emit pure water eliminating the concern of pollution. Lastly fuel cells are low maintenance. Unlike internal combustion engines that need to be "exercised" to keep in top running condition or may have fuel that can develop algae or go stale, a standby fuel cell generator requires light maintenance only once per year.

If this is a situation you may be in, please be sure to reach out to us here at H2 Future Power to discuss if a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator from Gencell Energy might be the right choice for your application. Call 262-287-0420 or visit our website at

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